Everything is easy,  WHEN you know HOW

Thinking is very easy, doing it right is impossible without the HOW

The Coaching Institute provides the “How to”  PLAN for change and do it right?

Welcome to the Coaching Institute where Failure or quitting is NEVER an option.

We are well documented subject matter experts who provide wide and deep personal life and/or business expertise as coaches.

In 1976, a football coach, Lou Tice, provided us with the knowledge and the inspiration to help others around the world. Coach Tice, was teaching his athletes how to think and manage players brains before they got on the football field.  Coach Tice’s life and business coaching was unparalleled.

Winning the game was the mission, Coach Tice’s  method was to manage the players thoughts first and then how to turn those thoughts into reality by using the brain in a correct and consistent manner.

Yes, of course we use our brain but HOW? This is the mission of TCI and its affiliates.

As such,  our one on one coaching is designed to guarantee your results in more ways than one.

Far too often, humans think about so many things in a day, the obstacles of HOW, WHEN and WHERE cause failure, frustration and anxiety.

If you do not have or make The PLAN, then the road you are on will get you where you are going, not where you want to be.

Ron Alford, founder of The Coaching Institute, says if you are on a train to nowhere (failure), then you must get off and get on to another train because you cannot steer a train.

Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching works better than therapy. Here is why. If you do and think the way you have always done, you will get the same results.

Almost always, therapy reaches deep into you past to ask why? We cannot change your past yet, we can get you on a different train that is destined to success. Again, our Coaches only focus on your future because we cannot change history.

If this makes sense to you, then we can clearly help you to move forward and stop making excuses because of your past choices and decisions.   Life, business, careers,

Your first step is to call our National Headquarters at 1-800-ThePlan, to learn more about us and how we guarantee results.

When you call, be prepared to tell us why you called and what you need help with in order to grow. We will need you to fill out the form on the left before you call, so that we can fast-track your request.

We will then review your situation to determine IF we can help you and then what coach (s)can help you the best.

We start out with a one on one interview, in order to audit of you and the assets you have now.

Once we understand what you have in education experience and more we can then make a life plan.

Like constructing a building we start on the foundation,  not the roof. Yes, we know the process and every building is built one brick at at time.

CALL NOW AT 1800 The Plan for a new and better you. 


Our mission is to….

  • help you get it right, not focus on the wrong.
  • create realistic goals.
  • implement your goals.
  • provide resources near you to get local help when necessary.
  • assure accountability – Partners to make sure that you stay on task.

The Coaching Institute is NOT a diploma mill or instant expert website. We fully vet our affiliates to the best of our abilities.

One is a contact form for you to find the right coach. Please use the form on the left.
The other is for  experienced coaches who want to be a member of our group and to join forces with us.
Coaches please contact us here.

The Coaching Institute was originally founded in 1988, as Alford & Partners in NYC.