Within The Coaching Institute, we would never give any credence to Weekend Warriors, Diploma Mills or Instant Carbon Copy Experts.

We trust that you would not allow a medical provider, who attended a few classroom sessions to operate on you or that you would use an attorney who was not a member of the Bar. This issue of “instant experts” is a grave concern for The Coaching Institute.

It takes at least 5 years of full time experience as a subject matter expert, to develop a wide and deep knowledge good enough to deserve to be recognized by The Coaching Institute.

In almost every state in North America, a barber or hair dresser has far more training than any certified Life Coach or Professional Organizers, as well as the host of other “CERTIFIED” experts, who derive most, if not all, of their training from a book and a written test. We refer to these entities as “diploma mills” or “Certification Factories” etc.

Now the internet has become polluted with franchises that pander to the vulnerable people such as Seniors and those who are clearly facing an unsure future.

With the explosion of the internet, there are now thousands of websites that advertise their services. An online search for, “Become a life coach free online” produced an astounding 130,900,000 hits. With the explosion of the internet, there are now hundreds if not thousands of websites that advertise “Learn to be a Life Coach” and make a lot of money.

Gullible people are led to believe that they can pay for a certification program, which will provide them with the paperwork to prove some sort of creditably. There is no end to the possibilities.

There is a huge difference between a Certified Public Account and a Certified Life Coach.

The Coaching institute does not provide “Certified Experts”, who have been “Certified” by people who do not earn a living as a coach.